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Preconference Sessions

Feast Your Eyes and Ears on New Literature for Teens
Angie Bendetti and Jerene Battisti

Community Building for Libraries
Shirley Biladieu and Jennifer Fenton

Jump Start Storytime with New Songs, Rhymes, and Skills
Heather McNeil

Conference Sessions

Breakout 1

Library Lights Out: A Creative Partnership to Increase Library Outreach to Students
Justin Otto, Qing Meade: Eastern Washington University

Memoir Writing Workshop at Local Libraries: An Exciting New Trend
Joan Tornow, Charley Kepthorne; Association of Personal Historians

Physical Literacy in the Library
Jenny Cofell, Barb Longair, Lisa Weeks; Lethridge Public Library

Refresh Your Library: A Case Study of the Port Townsend Public Library Remodel Project
James Cary, Cardinal Architecture; Marisa Mangum, Keith Daarrock; Port Townsend Public Library

Removing the Boundaries: A Discussion of Open Access publishing with the editors of PQ
Jan Zauha, Leila Sterman; Montana State University

Yacolt Library Express: An Unstaffed Library that Works!
Sam Wallin, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District

Membership Luncheon with Gregory Nokes, author of Breaking Chains: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory

Breakout 2

Bringing Families Together with the Power of Story
Paula Burton, King County Library Systems; Ellen Terry, Humanities Washington

In There: Serving the Incarcerated in Victoria BC
Carl Cavanagh, Greater Victoria Public Library

Ka-Boom! Hands-On STEAM Ideas for Afterschool Programs
Nick Madsen, Community Library Network

Service Design: Towards a Holistic Assessment of the Library
Joe Marquez, Annie Downy; Reed College Library

Translating Failure into Success
Elizabeth Ramsey, Deana Brown; Boise State University

Breakout 3

Academic Libraries and Student Retention
Kellian Clink, Minnesota State Library

Library Leadership via Starbucks
Mary DeWalt, Ada County Library; Megan Walker, Starbucks Coffee

Boundary Changes in the Pacific Northwest: Genealogy & History in the Future
Diane Huckabay, Kittitas County Genealogical Society; Ken Matney, Pacific Northwest Mountain Men Rendezvous

Building a Supercharged Community
Diane Hutchins, Washington State Library; Liz Morris, OCLC; Mary Neuman, Asotin County Library; Mari Nowitz, Timberland Regional Library

“Read a little, talk a little” the power of reading short stories aloud to adults and teens and discuss them in the library and through outreach
Brigitte Mucci, Maggie Novario, Beth Wood, Kathryn Kohl: Fort Vancouver Regional Library

How Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Makes a Difference: Are You Culturally Competent
Michele Villagran: University of North Texas

3D Printing: Establish a Legitimate Service
Nick Madsen, Community Library Network

Pushing the Boundaries of the Institutional Repository: Developing Collaborative Relationships to Address Institutional Needs Students
Justin Otto; Rose Slinger Krause – Eastern Washington University

Merging Catalogs: Navigating Shifting Boundaries
Rebecca Moorman; University of Alaska Anchorage

Breakfast with Keynote Speaker, author Jim Lynch

Breakout 1

Embracing Change When It’s Happening to You: What can libraries do to thrive in an increasingly complex and fast-changing world?
Jennifer Fenton, Washington State Library; Leslie Boyter, Essential Explorations

Get a Grant!
Maura Walsh, Washington State Library

Get Yourself Overseas
Bob Jonas, Franconian International School

Practical Aspects of Successful Exterior Settings
Lowell Cordas, Retired Horticulturist

Reading the Region 2014- 2015: Book Award Programs and the Latest Award-Winning Titles from Around the Region
Jan Zauha, Montana State University

Boldly Forward: Discovering Clinical Studies
Emily Glenn, National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Luncheon with Roland Smith author of more than 40 children books.

Breakout 2

AR-360 – The New Face of Accelerated Reader
Jennifer Burchard, Renaissance Learning

Learn Outside/Lead Inside: Utilizing External Leadership Opportunities to Strengthen Your Abilities in the Library and Presence in the Community
Pam North, Oregon Library Association

Leveling the Table: 3D printing in a small library
Adam Jackman, Terri Tortorici May; Pierce County Library

Nonfiction Rocks!
Laurie Ann Thompson, Mary Cronk Farrell, Elizabeth Rusch; Authors

School/Public Library Branch in a Community Centre setting: Challenges and Successes.
Tatiana Tilly, Red Deer Public Library


Trends in Online Learning – is your library on track for the future of online learning?
Sara Robertson Seely, Portland Community College; Eric Forte, OCLC

Breakout 2

Connecting young readers with the writers who love them: How SCBWI can help bring authors and illustrators into your library programming.
Kris Dinnison, Kelly Milner Halls, Maureen McQueery, Mark Cronk Farrell: Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators

Graphically Speaking (Graphic Novels, Comics, and your Library)
Heather Dickerson, Lewis & Clark Library

A Tale of Virtual Reference in Two States
Nono Burling, Washington State Library; Lee-Ann Flandreau, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District

Too Much Information!! Managing Digital Overload
Crystal Schimpf, Kixal, LLC

Whole Person’s Reader’s Advisory
Duncan Smith, Novelist/EBSCO

Why Don’t We Make It On the Road?
Justin Prescott, Meridian Public Library