PNLA is looking for a treasurer!

This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Build your network
  • Apply your finance skills
  • Create a legacy of service
  • Shape the future of PNLA

Treasurer’s Duties & Responsibilities

  • Serves a two-year term, taking office at the annual conference
  • Elected in even numbered years


  • Works with the Finance Manager to review the PNLA’s financial statements, bank reconciliation statements, current paid bills, deposits, Affinipay statements and any other financial information provided by Finance Manager;
  • Ensures that reports are received, monitored, and distributed correctly;
  • Signs Finance Managers monthly paychecks;
  • Oversees the organization’s internal controls, including Finance Manager’s compliance with applicable policies and procedures and risk management.

On a monthly basis the Finance Manager will provide the PNLA President, V. P. & Treasurer:

  • Bank statements: Checking (Savings—quarterly);
  • QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Statement;
  • Affinipay Statements (Wild Apricot credit card fee statement);
  • Claims—Bills paid;
  • Deposits;
  • Any other pertinent financial statements or financial paperwork.


  • Works with the Finance Manager and President to present the yearly budget to PNLA Board at the January meeting;
  • Reviews the final accounting for the annual conference when applicable;
  • Preserves all official papers and deposits them in the Archives;
  • Reviews the organization’s procedures for reporting problems;
  • Reviews the annual 990 non-profit forms for accuracy;
  • May be delegated other authority and/or duties as determined by the board.

Interested? Email for more information!