Professional growth, cross-border collaboration, camaraderie, a chance to give back to our profession… there’s a valuable opportunity we’re excited to tell you about!

PNLA has 3 openings on the Board of Directors in 2022.
Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know.

The positions are:

Vice President/President Elect
2nd Vice President– Memberships

See below for details.

The deadline for nominations is May 6, 2022.
Nominees must be members in good standing of PNLA by the time voting takes place.

To make a nomination or for further details and information, contact Christina Brischetto, PNLA Secretary, at


Vice President / President Elect

  • Serves for a three-year term and takes office at the end of the conference following election
  • Assumes the office of President the following year
  • Assumes the duties of the President for the remainder of the term when that office is vacated and then serves
    his or her full term or office
  • Serves as past president for the third year


  • Assists President in planning and arranging Association programs.
  • Presides at Board meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Receives nominations for Honorary Life Membership.
  • Investigates annual conference location two years in advance of Provincial/State host rotation.
  • Facilitates the current president’s signing of contract 2 years in advance.
  • Updates Orientation Document and distributes to incoming members prior to the August board meeting.
  • Ensures newly elected Board members will receive a notebook containing the current version of the MOP, and minutes of the previous two Board meetings

2nd Vice President– Memberships

  • Serves a two-year term, taking office at the annual conference in odd numbered years.


  • Maintains membership records via WildApricot.
  • Explores ways to recruit and expand membership.
  • Supplies Publications Committee with membership list for Membership Directory.
  • Responsible for liaison with Interest Groups.
  • Supplies membership labels as required.


  • Serves a two-year term, taking office at the annual conference.
  • Elected in even numbered years.


  • Works with the Finance Manager to review the PNLA’s financial statements, bank reconciliation statements, current paid bills, deposits, Affinipay statements and any other financial information provided by Finance Manager;
  • Ensures that reports are received, monitored, and distributed correctly;
  • Signs Finance Managers monthly paychecks;
  • Oversees the organization’s internal controls, including Finance Manager’s compliance with applicable policies and procedures and risk management.

On a monthly basis the Finance Manager will provide the PNLA President, V. P. & Treasurer:

  • Bank statements: Checking (Savings—quarterly);
  • QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Statement;
  • Affinipay Statements (Wild Apricot credit card fee statement);
  • Claims—Bills paid;
  • Deposits;
  • Any other pertinent financial statements or financial paperwork.
  • Works with the Finance Manager and President to present the yearly budget to PNLA Board at the January meeting;
  • Reviews the final accounting for the annual conference when applicable;
  • Preserves all official papers and deposits them in the Archives;
  • Reviews the organization’s procedures for reporting problems;
  • Reviews the annual 990 non-profit forms for accuracy;
  • May be delegated other authority and/or duties as determined by the board.