Exploring Our Universe: Going Virtual with the Greater Victoria Public Library and BC Summer Reading Club is a poster in the 2020 PNLA Virtual Poster Session. We encourage you to engage in discussion by leaving a comment on the page. The author of the poster will respond to comments the week of August 4-7, 2020.

Presenter: Deborah van der Linde & Vruti Patel

Track: Public Library

Each year, the Greater Victoria Public Library participates in the BC Summer Reading Club (SRC) program. Due to the global pandemic, GVPL has shifted from the traditional paper format to an online platform. In so doing, we had to consider every aspect of SRC, from how to provide relevant and accessible programming, community outreach, community participation, to dealing with barriers created by technology for those who do not have access to it.

Accordingly, we are using a variety of strategies to reach out to our community, from promotion to delivery. Traditionally, librarians visit schools, reaching approximately 14,000 students. This year, we created a special promotional video to share with schools and PACs.

In order to create a sense of community in a virtual environment, we created weekly challenges, and are encouraging children to send us a picture of their challenge. We will then share the photos on our social media, highlighting our community.

We have established virtual programming with external organizations that would normally have presented in library. This year, kids will be able to join a live or pre-recorded presentation instead.

In order to reach those who do not have the necessary access to technology to participate, we have provided starter packages and take-home activities. Families were able to visit our branches as they re-open, and get their own BC SRC starter pack, which includes a reading log, stickers, temporary tattoos, and a bookmark.


Community Engagement with a virtual BC SRC by Vruti

About the Presenters:
Deborah van der Linde is a librarian with the Greater Victoria Public Library, and she has the great pleasure of working with middle childhood and tween literacy portfolio. Her favourite thing to do is read, and she loves to get everyone around her reading, too.

Vruti Patel is a Public Services Librarian for the Greater Victoria Public Library. In her role, she is committed to building relationships with nearby elementary and middle schools. She enjoys reading picture books, Canadian Fiction and joke books. On her own time, Vruti enjoys the natural beauty of Vancouver Island.


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Pam Henley
3 years ago

Beautiful poster! That sounds like a great adjustment to a virtual program.

3 years ago

What a fabulous graphic for the BC Summer reading club! Can you talk more about biblioboard? I’ve never heard of it until seeing your poster. Do your patrons interact with you and upload content?