Get the Most Out of a Virtual Conference! is a poster in the 2020 PNLA Virtual Poster Session. We encourage you to engage in discussion by leaving a comment on the page. The author of the poster will respond to comments the week of August 4-7, 2020.

Presenter: Pam Henley, Montana State Library

Track: Academic, Public, & School Libraries

Virtual events offer great opportunities but also present new challenges for both presenters and attendees. We’ll share tips and tricks on keeping attendees engaged, best practices for participants and more!


About the Presenter:
Pam worked in public libraries for over 20 years, and is now a consultant with the Montana State Library. She’s participated in many virtual meetings and trainings over the years.


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Jenny Grenfell
3 years ago

That was helpful! That’s a topic I might not have thought about presenting on – but we all need it these days! Thanks, Pam

3 years ago

Good tips here! Some I knew but some were helpful even though I’ve been in virtual events before.

Reed David
3 years ago

I’ve attended three virtual conferences in as many months, and there’s a lot of good advice in here. One thing I would advise, though, is to not go TOO far on the side of “I’m comfortable and at home/in my office.” If there’s something one does that gets one in the conference mindset, then one should do it for a virtual conference to the extent that it’s practical. For instance, I almost always wear a coat and tie when I’m at a conference, and I’ve done so for all three of the virtual conferences I’ve attended.

Pam Henley
Reply to  Reed David
3 years ago

That’s exactly right – mindset is really important (which is why I’m not a fan of “too comfy” in the home office!). If I’m going to be presenting or on a video call I make sure to put on my “video face” that morning. Thanks for your comments.

3 years ago

This is all great advice, Pam! I hope that with the cost savings, libraries can “send” more people to virtual conferences than they could to in-person ones. That idea of having staff discuss what they learned in different sessions could be a real opportunity for connecting.

3 years ago

Hi Pam, thanks for your presentation! I like acknowledging the bad news and the good news upfront. I always think it’s important to give yourself space to mourn a loss, however small, before moving on to the positives.

3 years ago

Slide #8 — Lighting is really important! I have poor lighting at my desk and when I’m in a Zoom meeting I am often just a dark talking head.

And.. we need to be completely dressed? What about jammies?

Pam Henley
Reply to  Ilana
3 years ago

Jammies are great as long as you’re not the presenter! Although some are pretty cool and definitely comfy…