Authors are asked to:

  • Submit manuscripts of between 1,000-6,000 words electronically in Microsoft Word file format;
  • Use Verdana 11 point font and 1.15 spacing;
  • Adhere to guidelines in the 6th edition of the Manual of Style of the American Psychological Association(APA). This rule applies in terms of format and references;
  • Obtain any necessary written permission to use copyrighted material, and to pay any and all relevant fees. Appropriate credit should be provided in the manuscript;
  • Submit original work that has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication in another journal;
  • Contact the PQ editors at with any questions regarding these instructions, the publication process, schedule, or the appropriateness of a proposed article topic.

PNLA Quarterly is an open access journal. In that spirit, PQ authors retain the copyright to their works. PQ facilitates the distribution of its authors’ intellectual property in a professional manner to enhance the process of scholarly communication, and to advance the sharing of information in and beyond the library profession and the PNLA region.

As PNLA Quarterly moves toward re-implementing the peer-review process for selected sections of its content, we invite library professionals in the region to serve as peer reviewers. Please contact the PQ editors at if you are interested.

ISSN: 0030-8188