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Please vote for the next Vice President / President Elect, 2nd Vice President and Secretary. Candidate bios are below. The link will take you to the poll. Polls close on July 5, 2019. 

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Jay Peters

Position:  Vice President/President Elect

The elected board member will become the Vice President following the August, 2019 Board meeting and become President in August 2020. 

Candidate #1:  Pam Henley

I have been working in the public library field for over 20 years; prior to that I spent several years in overseas school libraries. For the past 5 years I’ve been a consulting librarian with the Montana State Library, assisting public library directors and trustees with training, library standards and statistics, and any other issues that develop.

As a statewide consulting librarian I have the privilege of visiting public libraries around the state. Being a PNLA member has increased the opportunity to network with librarians in other states and provinces, sharing ideas across boundaries and learning from others. As VP-President Elect I hope to encourage this activity, both within the board and among members, through the use of available technologies while exploring new possibilities. I have been involved in conference planning for our state association and will bring that experience to this position as well.

Position:  2nd Vice President

The elected board member will become the 2nd Vice President in charge of memberships following the August, 2019 Board meeting.

Candidate #1:  Ilana Kingsley

As a new member of PNLA, I would be delighted to take on the role of 2nd Vice President. I am an Associate Professor of Library Science, and the Web Librarian for Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. With my extensive background of working with web applications and social media, I’d be the perfect fit for this position. I am familiar with the end-use interface of Wild Apricot (PNLA’s membership software) and with figuring out how to use the administrative-end of such software. At Rasmuson Library I am the sole person responsible for posting on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and have experimented with other applications (e.g., Snapchat, MeWe, Tumbler, etc.). Additionally, I have recently starting tweeting for @PNLA_Org, and have been the chair of the AkLA Social Media Committee for several years. I would be honored to serve on PNLA Board of Directors as 2nd Vice President. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, email me at 

Candidate #2:  Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen is the director of the Portland Metro campus library at Oregon Institute of Technology where she has been since 2008. Prior to that, Dawn was at the Florida State University Libraries. She earned her MLIS from Louisiana State University in 2003. In 2000 she earned a BA in creative writing from Linfield College in McMinville, OR. Dawn has been involved in professional and personal associations locally, regionally, and nationally her entire career, including ALA and LLAMA. Dawn studies the language of questions including virtual reference and assessment. She has published articles on this and books and articles on leadership in libraries among other topics. Outside of librarianship Dawn likes to cook, garden, and is active in the local fiber arts and knitting communities.


I recently asked a business research class what they think of when they heard the word libraries. Books, quiet, grey hair, buns were all on the list of things they came up with. This is not the first time I have done this exercise, and the results are always along the same lines, libraries and librarians are seen as stewards of books. We need to break this mold. As library professionals we all know these ideas are outdated, and that libraries are so much more. No matter where the library is, the type of library it is, who the population being served is, libraries are much much more than the contents of the stacks.

From 2006-2008 I was the American Libraries association New Members Roundtable Membership chair. Part of those responsibilities were serving on the ALA membership committee. More than 10 years ago, membership was declining. In more recent involvement in similar activities I have seen survey results about why people are not involved. These two concepts and issues work together, as a profession, and as an industry, we have an image issue that needs to be addressed. I am interested in the second vice president position specifically because of the relationship to members and member services. I look forward to working with the membership, the non members, and the executive board in addressing these and other initiatives.

Position:  Secretary

The elected board member will become the Secretary following the August, 2019 Board meeting. 

Candidate #1:  Tania Harden

I am the Assistant University Librarian responsible for providing digital services and technology to the Idaho State University community. One of my main responsibilities is to ensure that ISU students and faculty can access our library resources from whenever and wherever they need them. The best part of my job is researching and determining the different technologies that the ISU community can use to be successful in their academic and professional pursuits.

I have a Master of Information Science (MIS) and a certificate in Digital Content Management from the University of North Texas and am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Education (EdD) in Instructional Design Technology from Idaho State University. I am passionate about professional development and am always looking for ways to become a better, more knowledgeable librarian and manager.

I am currently serving on the Library Leadership Advisory Committee (LiLAC) and would like to be more involved in other aspects of the profession. Serving as PNLA secretary will allow me to learn more about the organization itself as well as its members, meet new people, exchange ideas with other library professionals, and provide a useful service to my fellow librarians.

When not working or studying, you will find me spending time with my family, watching my kids play sports, or crocheting. All while listening to or reading a book, of course.

Candidate #2:  Erin Hvizdak

Thank you for considering me for the position of PNLA Secretary. I am excited about the position as I am looking for ways to become more involved in the profession regionally, and to connect library employees across the large geographical area that I have grown to love and call home. I currently work at Washington State University Libraries, where I have served as Reference and Instruction Librarian for four years and reference services coordinator for the last three of those; next year, I am transitioning into the role of Assessment Librarian. I have previously worked in public, community college, and special libraries in both urban and rural areas, and feel that my experience in these diverse settings would be beneficial to serving the many types of library employees that comprise PNLA. Most relevant to the PNLA Secretary position, I am currently the newsletter editor of the Women and Gender Studies Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), which requires me to compile reports, articles, photographs, and announcements from the national membership, do editing and layout, and finalize the newsletter for publication by the specified deadline. This experience will translate nicely into accurately and efficiently compiling reports, recording and publishing minutes, and keeping the job board updated on a timely basis for PNLA. My previous regional service work included serving for two years as Member-At-Large on the Executive Board of the Washington chapter of ACRL, where I got a taste of working for a regional library association and which made the Washington library world feel like a tight knit community, despite my five-hour drive from Seattle. I am looking forward to building that same feeling of community as PNLA Secretary, as I work to ensure strong and clear communication between libraries and across borders. 

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Call for Nominations

Professional growth, cross-border collaboration, camaraderie, a chance to give back to our profession… there’s a valuable opportunity we’re excited to tell you about!

PNLA has 3 openings on the Board of Directors in 2019.  Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know.

The positions are:

1st Vice President / President Elect

  • Serves a one-year term and takes office at the 2019 annual conference
  • Assists the President in planning and arranging PNLA programs.
  • Assumes the office of President the following year, and becomes the Past-President the year after that.
  • Investigates annual conference location two years in advance of Provincial/State host rotation.  Facilitates president’s signing of contract.

2nd Vice President

  • Serves a two-year term, taking office at the 2019 annual conference
  • Maintains membership records and communication via Wild Apricot member management software
  • Collaborates in posting to social media on behalf of PNLA


  • Serves a two-year term, taking office at the 2019 annual conference
  • Takes meeting minutes and collects reports
  • Updates the PNLA Jobs webpage and other pages at, along with fellow members of the board, via WordPress.
  • Collaborates in posting to social media on behalf of PNLA
  • Updates the PNLA Board Handbook


The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2019. Nominees must be members in good standing of PNLA by the time voting takes place.


To make a nomination or for further details and information, contact Ree West, board secretary, at or (509)893-8412.