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YRCA Voting

How do we vote?

Each participating institution may design its own ballot or print out the PNLA ballot form. The PNLA ballot for each year can be found in Word or PDF format on the Nominations page for that year. Please send the compiled results to the YRCA Chair or State/Provincial YRCA Reps, during the voting period. Compiled results can be sent by email. All ballots MUST be received by April 15 May 31 to be counted. If you have any questions about the ballot or voting procedures, please contact the YRCA Chair.

Who can vote?

Anyone in grades four through twelve in the Pacific Northwest who has read (or has heard read) a title(s) from the list.

When do we vote?

Between March 15 and April 15 May 31.

Where do we vote?

Generally, in a student’s school library but a participating public library may also conduct balloting.

Where should we send the ballots?

The voting on YRCA nominees will take place between March 15th and April 15 May 31st. Use your own print ballot, one downloaded from the YRCA nominations page, or our online voting (see below) to compile votes and submit to the YRCA Chair or YRCA Reps by April 15 May 31.

Click on the link for your State or Province to vote or submit votes for a group for YRCA 2020:


When are the winners announced?

The official announcement will be released in June.